Below are indicative outlines of the courses I deliver to empower property professionals to meet and speak effectively. All workshops can be delivered online or in person.  Format is flexible to meet your needs (e.g. delivery over one or multiple days).  All courses are interactive and numbers are limited to ensure all participants have ample opportunity to practice.

Confident Communication

Are you nervous about speaking in front of others? 
Do you freeze when someone asks you to say something in a meeting?  
Would you like to have the confidence to express yourself effectively in any situation?

Public speaking is not just about presenting on a stage.  Speaking confidently makes a difference in pitches, interviews, meetings…anywhere you need to communicate. 

This course will help participants learn and practice a formula for confident communication:

Articulate – Create a memorable message. 
Authentic – Deliver it with impact.
Confident – Believing in your own ability, skills and experience.
Articulate + Authentic = Confident

Delegates will:

  • Discover the elements of articulating a message – purpose, structure and content
  • Practice connecting with the audience through authentic delivery that suits their style
  • Learn how to handle being put on the spot – to answer questions or “say a few words”

Perfect your Presentation

Presentation skills may not be your natural forte. Your effectiveness in your role will be greatly influenced by how your come across when speaking in front of an audience.  This course is focussed on developing a powerful and persuasive presentation.

Delegates will:

  • Develop a presentation of a specific subject:  clarifying the message, creating an effective structure and crafting memorable content.
  • Have opportunities to practice delivery of their presentation, receiving feedback to refine the content and hone their delivery skills.
  • Receive a follow-up document with a summary of tailored feedback.

The workshop would suit those delivering presentations for purposes including:

  • Pitching for business
  • Technical information communicated at a company or industry conference
  • Promotion or job interview

Meaningful Meetings

Most of us attend meetings regularly.  Great meetings enable important decision-making, foster productive working relationships and drive organisations forwards.  Bad ones feel like a frustrating waste of time. 

The aim of this course is to ensure every meeting you have is insightful, engaging and useful.

Delegates will:

  • Explore the elements of proper preparation
  • Learn techniques to engage meeting participants
  • Discuss the intricacies of virtual meetings
  • Understand the importance of effective chairing

Engaging Events

Major events (such as conferences, away days and strategy meetings) fulfil a variety of purposes, including facilitating learning, developing networks and building brands.  An effective event has the power to accelerate engagement in your business.

When you bring people together in this manner, you are taking them away from the day job, so it is vital the investment of their time is worthwhile.  This outcome of this worksop is that events leave participants buzzing not bored.

Delegates will learn:

  • how to structure an event to best fulfil its purpose
  • tools and activities to engage participants
  • behind the scenes best practice for looking after your speakers and delegates
  • the importance of thoughtful communication; before, during and after the event