Confident Communication Changes Careers

Public speaking is not the primary reason most people pursue a career in property, so it is not surprising that many profess to be nervous about it and reluctant to put themselves in situations requiring this skill. Having confidence in your own voice, the message you wish to convey and their power to influence others can be game-changing in winning business, engaging a wide range of stakeholders and accelerating your career.

Communication skills are not just about standing up in front of a large audience and giving a presentation. Effectively engaging participants in a meeting is critical to decision-making, project progress and teamwork. Even more so in an online environment; having purposeful, productive and enjoyable meetings is crucial to interacting effectively with those with whom you work.

Having worked at large consultancies providing services across the property life cycle, I understand the real estate market, law and lingo, i.e. the technicalities of what you need to communicate. Through online or in person small group training (course details can be found here) and one-to-one support, I help property professionals reap the benefits of better meetings and speaking.


Speaker Preparation

Helping speakers to craft and hone the delivery of an impactful presentation, pitch or seminar.

Think back to the times you’ve seen someone speak at a conference or event.  It’s likely you remember the speakers that were a) brilliant or b) dire.  All the others were probably pretty forgettable.  I can help you be memorable for the right reasons.

Event Facilitation

Design and delivery of engaging meetings, conferences and away days.

We’ve all sat in meetings and thought “why am I here?”.  Properly planned meetings serve a vital function in bringing people together, facilitating decision-making and effective teamwork.  Yet they often do not happen.  I advise on how to deliver meaningful meetings to engage colleagues, clients and peers.

Interview Support

Developing communication skills for interviews (job / promotion / APC).

You may be technically brilliant at your job, but if you cannot articulate that, you are unlikely to be successful in interview situations.  I build confidence to communicate your message in these high pressure, time-limited situations.


About Me

I am a Chartered Surveyor (MRICS), having worked in the industry for 15 years and holding director positions at BNP Paribas Real Estate and CBRE. During this time I developed an appreciation of how influential communication skills were on my career. Becoming a better speaker gave me the confidence to deliver impactful pitches and seminars, devise innovative meetings and give evidence in court. At these firms I was frequently involved in recruitment, promotion panels and training. I have been an Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) Assessor since 2014.

My public speaking and meeting facilitation experience began in Junior Chamber International (JCI), a global not-for-profit organisation developing leadership skills through training and community projects. I was the President (Board Chair) of JCI London in 2011 and National President of JCI UK in 2016.

I have been a member of public speaking organisation Toastmasters International since 2013. In 2019/20 I was appointed District 91 (UK South) Parliamentarian, advising the board on constitutional governance and running formal meetings. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this included moving the annual general meeting of nearly 200 voting members from in-person to online.

Through these organisations I have a wealth of experience in chairing meetings, organising and facilitating conferences and delivering speeches and training to audiences, large and small. I have been an active trainer since 2009, designing and delivering workshops and academies in subjects including public speaking, leadership and effective meetings across the UK and in Europe.

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