Supportive slides
projector for slides

One of the most common complaints about any seminar or presentation is that the speaker has put a lot of text on a slide and is reading it out.  There really is no point to that.  If there is just a lot of text on a slide, the audience could easily have read this themselves.  […]

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What makes a good seminar?

Whether online, back in the room or new hybrid formats, there are key things that make a seminar good (or not!).  Here are some key aspects to consider when preparing and delivering seminars. What is it designed to do? As with any aspect of public speaking, you should start with purpose.  Many professionals put on […]

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Adjusting to hybrid
event set up for hybrid with screens and in person attendance

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the world.  As we move into new ways of working, it appears hybrid working is here to stay, and for good reason.  Many are keen to get back to the connection and interaction you can have in a room.  The advantages of enabling online attendance are also clear in […]

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The Power of Purpose…in Meetings
Compass representing the importance of purpose in guiding your meetings

In the first article of this series, we looked at the power of purpose in speaking – essentially communication.  The fundamental reason for meetings is to facilitate communication.  Often, meetings are viewed as an inconvenience.  This could be because the person calling the meeting hasn’t properly thought about the purpose of the meeting. Or hasn’t […]

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Why having an MC matters (Virtual Events 4)

Following on from my previous blog about audience interaction and engagement, I want to highlight just how influential an MC can be.  They have the power to set the tone, engage the audience and facilitate the smooth running of the event. Many of these insights come from the larger scale events I’ve attended – conferences […]

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Audience Engagement (Virtual Events 3)

We attend events for a variety of reasons – to learn something, to be entertained, to meet people.  Often it’s a combination of these things.  If you are bringing people together for anything other than a purely information conveying webinar, your participants are likely to want to be able to interact with the speakers and […]

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Tech Set-Up (Virtual Events 2)

My first article on virtual events was about preparation. Related to this, is preparing and operating the tech you are going to use. Firstly, you need to research and choose the most appropriate platform. Then learn how to use it effectively. A disclaimer: I am not an overly techy person.  I know and can do […]

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